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7 thoughts on “Contact Us

  • Bernard Turnbull

    I have made 2 submissions to the plan. The first is a detailed suggestion for the development of the whole site and the second is a detailed comment on the traffic and pollution impact of the proposals

    These are word documents and if I could have an e-mail contact I could attach them and forward to you.

    Only two comments. Firstly I note that the traffic surveys are underway but on Monday 23/3 the road detectors were removed by 5.15, i.e. before rush hour!! Secondly I think that the traffic issues should not just cover St Aubyn’s. The Developers contributions from all developments in the area should be pooled and the funds used to solve the fundamental traffic problem i.e. the lack of a bypass roud Woodindean

    • Lynne Moss

      Thank you for your comments Bernard – I have mailed you separately and look forward to hearing from you soon.

      SAFE Member

  • Nicky Jackman

    Residents who have received the SAFE leaflet but do not have internet facilities have enquired if there are alternative methods for registering opposition to the proposed development? A telephone number could be potentially helpful for me to pass on.

  • Debbie Wegner

    Has any thought been given to going door to door with a petition to sign ?perhaps former students can help with this ?? I worry about the very local elderly in the village who may not have access to internet. Alternatively, could the pubs have a petition clipboard for signatures ?

    • Nigel

      Thanks Debbie. We have the individual paper version of the petition ready to go, as well as one which is for multiple signatures. We’re just agreeing on the best way to handle these. If any local businesses or groups would like to act as a collection point for these or wish to have a copy of the multiple signature petition, do please let us know and we will come and see you. Thanks for your support.

      SAFE member