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Help us with traffic evidence. Brighton City Council have advised us they take photographic and video evidence very seriously. Please take photos or videos of congestion, large lorries or vehicles mounting the kerbside. Please send any photos or videos that you can take. These pictures would not exist here if it was not for you. Thank you.

You can report traffic offences/oversized vehicles to Andrew McAllister who is the area Police contact, email address: or you can contact the Traffic Wardens on 0345 603 5469, option 2.

These first two photographs were taken back in November 2009 when a huge lorry got stuck on Rottingdean Green and had to reverse back into Dean Court Rd to turn and go back out the way it came. There were several hours disruption and police involvement.

The other following pictures have been taken recently (oldest last). Decide for yourself if anything has changed over the years?

nov 2009 pic1 nov 2009 pic2



4 December 2017, High Street, Rottingdean:

2017-12-04 High Street 1 2017-12-04 High Street 2




28 November 2017, High Street, Rottingdean:

2017-11-28 High Street




26 October 2017, High Street, Rottingdean:

26 oct 2017 high street




5 October 2017, High Street, Rottingean:

5 oct 2017 new



28 September 2017, High Street, Rottingean:

The good news: B&HCC have put up additional signage to direct HGV’s out of Rottingdean.

he good news: B&HCC have put up additional signage to direct HGV’s out of Rottingdean.

The bad news: still they come!

FullSizeRender1FullSizeRender (2)



20 July 2017, Vicarage Lane onto High Street, Rottingean:

Welcome to Rottingdean!

20 jul 2017 low loader




19 June, Vicarage Lane, Rottingdean:

articulated vehicle video




20 March, High Street, Rottingean:

Another van on the pavement and on crossing zig-zag lines and a pedestrian who cannot get past and car on zig-zags on 22 July.

2017-03-20 High Streetcar on zig zag



20 December, High Street, Rottingdean:

Prohibited sized car transporter.




6 December, Vicarage Lane, Rottingdean.

Prohibited sized HGV’s:

2016-12-06-vicarage-lane-1 2016-12-06-vicarage-lane-2



22 October and 25 October, High Street, Rottingdean.

Photographs highlighting the frequency of prohibited vehicles and general vehicles on pavements:



8 November, High Street, Rottingdean.

Prohibited size lorry in High Street.




Monday 17 October, High Sreet, Rottingdean

Another prohibited vehicle:




Monday 19 September, A259 Eastbound

Typical evening traffic queue on A259 from the traffic lights at Rottingdean back to the marina.




Wednesday 29 June, Vicarage Lane & High Street, Rottingdean

Comment from local resident: “this enormous vehicle was causing a huge traffic jam on the Falmer Road into Rottingdean, as it was having great problems trying to get round the corner just past the Plough. Then there was also a Co-op delivery lorry outside the Co-op so it had to go onto the pavement to try to get past. Mayhem!”

june 2016 1 june 2016 2 june 2016 3



Friday 17 June, High Street, Rottingdean

There is cause for concern for everyone but especially for our young and elderly residents when HGV’s and buses go over the pavements. We have reported this to Brighton & Hove Buses who will discuss with their drivers. If you capture any photographs please forward them to us at SAFE, thank you.



Wednesday 14 June, High Street, Rottingdean

14 june 2016



Tuesday 24 May 2016, High Street, Rottingdean

24 may 2016



Monday 9 May 2016, Steyning Road, Rottingdean

This two-way road does not cope with over-sized vehicles.

Steyning Road traffic


Wednesday 3rd February, High Street, Rottingdean:

Elderly people face the daily obstacle course of traffic on pavements.

2016-02-03 High Street



Tuesday 2nd February, High Street, Rottingdean:

2016-02-02 High Street 1 2016-02-02 High Street 2 2016-02-02 High Street 3



Thursday 28 January, High Street, Rottingdean:

The mix of moving vehicles and moving pedestrians on the same pavement is a recipe for disaster. Who has right of way here?

2016-01-28 High Street


Wednesday 20 January, High Street, Rottingdean:

Comment from a resident who lives on the High Street: “this is a typical scene on the High Street where the bus cannot get through the gap.”

2016-01-20 High Street



Sunday 17 January, Steyning Road, Rottingdean:

Two iron posts knocked out of the ground by cars forced to pass each other in the restricted width of the road. There was also a lamp post knocked down the previous week and this has now been replaced by the Council.

bollard pic1bollard pic2

bollard pic321 jan lampost



Wednesday 13 January, High Street, Rottingdean:

Cars on the pavement letting the bus through. In the background a scaffolding truck parked on the pavement. Oversized lorry in a two-way High Street.

2016-01-13 (2) High Street2016-01-13 High Street



Monday 11 January, High Street, Rottingdean:

Little room for pedestrians.

2016-01-11 High Street



Friday 8 January, High Street, Rottingdean:

No provisions for pedestrians in this village.

2016-01-08 High Street



Thursday 7 January, High Street, Rottingdean:

Happy New Year and welcome to more traffic situations in Rottingdean, showing a van and an articulated truck, behind the van, both parked on the pavement. This is difficult for passing pedestrians, let alone wheelchair users.

2016-01-07 High Street



Friday 4 December, Falmer Road, Rottingdean:

Comment from local resident who contributes to the traffic blog with his photograhic traffic evidence: “it’s the everyday occurrence of afternoon traffic queuing all the way from Burnes Vale to the A259.”

2015-12-04 Falmer Road



Thursday 3 December. High Street, Rottingdean

Mobile crane over 7.5T.

2015-12-03 High Street



Tuesday 1 December.High Street, Rottingdean:

Parking on yellow lines.

1 dec pic 1 1 dec pic 2



Sunday 29 November. Around and about in Rottingdean:

Parking on yellow lines:

rott centre sun 29 novcars parking up on yellow lines29 nov on yellow lines329 nov on yellow lines229 nov on yellow lines29 nov on yellow lines 629 nov on yellow lines 529 nov on yellow lines 4

On the same day, parking on pavements and grass banks:

pavement park falmer rd sun 29 novon pavement and yellow linesdriving past on pavement29 nov parking on grass29 nov on pavementhigh st extension area sun 29 nov



Friday 27 November. High Street, Rottingdean:

Van illegally parked on pedestrian crossing zig-zag lines.

2015-11-27 - High Street



Thursday 26 November. High Street, Rottingdean:

Articulated car transporter held up traffic on the High Street.

2015-11-26 - High Street



Friday 6 November. Steyning Road, Rottingdean:

Two-way road?

11-06 Steyning Road



Friday 23 October.Steyning Road, Rottingdean:

Two-way road.

User comments

User comments



Tuesday 20 October.High Street, Rottingdean:

Dutch prohibited size, delivery lorry. Refuse lorry forcing people to move their parked cars to the wrong side of the road temporarily. No2 bus which frequenly carries very few passengers.

oct pic1 oct pic2 oct pic3 oct pic4



Wedneday 14 October, 6pm. Usual traffic queue on A259 towards Rottingdean

The developers, Linden Homes and the Cothill Educational Trust’s Transport Assessment says that 17 to 22 cars queue on the Coast Road up to the Rottingdean traffic lights. This evidence shows otherwise.

6 p.m. 14 Oct (2)



Friday 9 October 2015, Vicarage Lane, Rottingdean

Vicarage Lane 2015-10-09



Monday 5 October 2015, High Street, corner of Steyning Road, Rottingdean

Two different red cars mounting the kerb. All pictures taken between 3:19pm and 3:38pm.

5 oct 2015 1

5 oct 2015 2

5 oct 2015 3



Thursday 1 October 2015, High Street, Rottingdean

Prohibited size lorry.

1 oct 2015



Mid September 2015, High Street, Rottingdean, A259 junction

Prohibited car transporter vehicle in the village.

sean pic1

sean pic2

sean pic3



Thursday 24 September 2015, High Street, Rottingdean

Prohibited car transporter vehicle in the village.

thurs 24th sept



Sunday 20 September, 2015, High Street, Rottingdean

Truck parked on the zebra crossing zig-zag lines, completely obstructing the sight lines for the zebra crossing and unloading on to the actual zebra crossing.

20 sept high st



Tuesday 15 September 2015, West Street, Rottingdean

This is a daily occurence where people park in Tesco’s loading in West Street. The problem is exacerbated when a lorry is waiting to access the space for legitimate reasons. It creates delays and results in more congestion in an already busy street.

sept loading bay



Tuesday 8 September 2015, High Street, Rottingdean

Truck drives on pavement to pass by the bus.

high street 8 sept 2015



Monday 7 September 2015, West Street, Rottingdean

Truck on West Street.

west street 7 sept 2015



Wednesday 2 September 2015, High Street, Rotttingdean

Village too small or road not big enough..

High St 2015-09-02



Monday 1 September 2015, High Street, Rottingdean

Vehicle got trapped on a lamppost and had to be helped by other motorists. Going up Wilson Avenue wouldnt have caused the traffic jam it did. The second picture shows two vehicles illegally parked on zebra crossing zig-zag lines & pavement.

14 sept 2015

High St 2015-09-01



Monday 31 August 2015: Vicarage Lane & High Street, Rottingdean.

Bus on pavement, passing by lorry & prohibited lorry leaving Vicarage Lane, going onto High Street.

31 aug bus & lorry31 aug lorry



Friday 28 August 2015: High Street, Rottingdean.

Van on pavement and on zebra crossing zigzags and prohibited size lorry.

28 aug van zig zag

28 aug lorry new



Thursday 27 August 2015: High Street, Rottingdean.

Lorry parked on pavement with hazard lights on causing pavement obstruction and another truck using the pavement.

High St 2015-08-28 - 1High St 2015-08-28 - 3

High St 2015-08-28 - 2



Wednesday 26 August 2015:  A259, Rottingdean

Arla truck trying to deliver to Tesco’s but unable to get into West Street from the east because cars going down the street can’t get out themselves. As a result the truck is blocking the High Street in both directions as well as West Street. Second picture is a hire van on the wrong side of the street, up on the pavement.

26 august

High St 2015-08-26



Monday 24 August 2015: High Street, Rottingdean

High St 2015-08-24



Saturday 22 August 2015: Vicarage Lane, High street & Newlands Road

Heavy traffic on High Street plus a prohibited car transporter trying to get onto the High Street. Click the following link for the video of another prohbited lorry speeding along the High Street: 22 aug 2015 fast oversized lorry on high street. Also on this day, cars were parked on the pavements in Newlands Road.

22 aug 2015 heavy traffic on high street near pedestriancar transporter1Newlands Road.Sat.22.08.15 (4)



Thursday 20 August 2015: High Street, Rottingdean

Prohibited, articulated lorry on High Street.

20 aug articulated lorryarticulated lorry



Wednesday 19 August 2015: Junction A259 & Rottingdean High Street

Article in The Argus: Three passengers were injured after the bus they were travelling on was involved in a crash. The incident happened when a bus and car collided at the junction of the A259 South Coast Road and Rottingdean High Street at around 3.55pm. A Sussex Police spokesman said: “Three passengers on the bus sustained minor injuries and two of them were taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital for purely precautionary check-ups.



Thursday 6 August 2015: Vicarage Lane & High Street, Rottingdean

20 metre long lorry stuck in the side of one of a house in the village. This one became wedged against a 300 year old cottage in the High Street and police and firemen spent two hours trying to edge the vehicle away from the cobbled building.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “Police were called to the High Street in Rottingdean just before 8.30pm on Thursday to a report a lorry had become stuck. “The back end of the vehicle had collided with a house causing superficial damage. The fire service were on hand to help and the road started to clear at around 10.40pm.”

Photographs show the resulting queues, as taken from the Recreational ground at the rear of the village.

rottingdean lorry2Rottingdean-lorry-300x225stuck lorry

6 aug view north from entrance to Rec lorry stuck6 aug view south from entrance to Rec lorry stuck


Click the links for 2 videos of this incident: lorry video1. lorry video2



Tuesday 4 August 2015: High Street, Rottingdean

Cyclists using the pavement during traffic congestion.




13 July 2015: West Street, Rottingdean

Lorry blocking pavement, on double yellow lines.

lorry on double yellow line



11 July 2015: Falmer Road.

Photographs shows traffic as usual, entering the rear of Rottingdean.

falmer rd 11 julysat 11 july falmer road2



17 June 2015: Rottingdean High Street.

Prohibited sized lorry in the village.

17 june 2015


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18 thoughts on “Traffic Log & Photos! How you can help us!

  • Cathy Gallagher

    Rottingdean traffic lights crossroads and High Street has a long history of traffic accidents, including fatalities.
    Something needs to be done to protect pedestrians and car drivers.
    We support S.A.F.E fully.

  • Philip Evans

    Its time to make the High Street a one way street. It just can’t take and, was never intended for such traffic. At least a one way will help, but not cure the problem. Also, its time to ban all parking in Steyning Road, as the up and down problem with cars and lorries is now intolerable. And say no, to any more houses on the St Aubyns site, which will make the traffic situation even worse, if that’s possible.

    • steve wedd

      Philip, no, no, and no to one way traffic.

      One way flow speeds traffic up. The only thing slowing vehicles down is the traffic coming the other way. Vehicle drivers care nothing for pedestrians, cyclists, buildings. They only care about their journey and their vehicle and possible damage to it.

      Every other road around will have to be made one-way too. That will speed up traffic on each part of the village roundabout – that is what Rottingdean will become – a gigantic roundabout.

      See the A270 Viaduct Road from Preston Park to Ditchling Road in Brighton. It was a two way street. Now its a one-way race track. Vehicles race from the Fire Station to the next lights not having to worry about anything coming the other way.

      Now, the Council has put in paint and blockers to attempt to slow it down but that just adds chicanes to the fun.

      Steve Wedd

    • lynne

      Hi Steve thank you for your contributions. I agree with your comments, the Viaduct Road area is fast moving and still very dangerous. I have been onto the Operation Crackdown website and they now have a link to this page so they can see all the incidents.

  • Veronica Culver

    The Co-op delivery lorry is there pretty regularly. I appreciate that they have to have supplies delivered, but the lorry is big and causes an obstruction. Also the buses seem rather too large for the narrow section of the high street…….and come to think of it the SUVs/4x4s are a bit too wide when passing each other – cars end up mounting the pavement, so endangering pedestrians. The road was not built for all these massive vehicles :-(

  • Ken Bodfish

    Dear Safe, you are doing a good thing publicising these traffic incidents . However, I take serious issue with you if you are criticising legitimate farm vehicles coming through the village, surely you agree that part of the charm of Rottingdean is our proximity to farm land. Indeed, doesn’t SAFE campaign to preserve that land? Therefore it is rather hypocritical to object to vehicles properly associated with the land. A walk up to Balsdean in recent weeks will have enabled the witnessing of hay-making in action. Where, please, do you suggest the tractors go? Further, it is not the tractors at fault for cyclists riding on the pavement, it is the cyclist!
    So SAFE , do try and be rather more selective and then more effective in your observations on the traffic problems of the village.

    • lynne

      Dear Ken

      Thank you for your message and for bringing this to our attention. Where vehicles are of a legitimate nature they will not appear on the website and yes we do agree that part of the charm of Rottingdean is the proximity to farm land with a wish that it is preserved. Thank you for your support. If you would like to become a member of SAFE please let us know. We always welcome proactive and interested supporters.


    • Mike

      The farm vehicles may be ‘part of the charm’ especially the dogs but there is nothing charming about them when they drive overly fast or recklessly. Just walk up Bazehill Rd when the tractors are flying down to see what I mean!

  • John Loveridge

    Perhaps we should follow the example of Ditchling where there are deliberate measures to slow the traffic, ie:
    – parking allowed on South Street and High Street
    – permanent street obstructions permitting traffic in one direction only at a time on North End and Common Lane
    However, slower traffic means more pollution.

  • Paul Mnich

    Current levels of pollution and congestion in High Street Rottingdean and on both Falmer Road and the A259 South Coast Road need to be addressed before any further development in the area can be considered.

    The local infrastructure was never designed for current volumes of traffic and any increase risks further damage to the historic village of Rottingdean.

    This in turn impacts on the quality of life of residents and degradation of the local environment.

    A proper and thorough survey is needed – especially during peak periods including school run times and the morning and evening ‘rush hours’ – which should include CCTV footage, specific infringements by HGV and other vehicles and pollution statistics.

  • Paul Wooldridge

    My wife and I recently had a conversation with a local female resident about her parking on double yellow lines opposite the Co-op in Lustrells Vale, when there is a free car park some 5 yards walk away. Her response was, ‘well, there’s no one to catch you is there’ !

    Paul Wooldridge (Chorley Avenue, Saltdean)

  • Mike

    I’m just as concerned by the lack of car by many drivers on the pedestrian crossings in the High St and north of The Green. In the past week there have been 5 occasions when I have been on the crossing and cars have driven across. On one occasion I was almost half way across the one in the High St and a car drove across. Unfortunately, the lights at the end of the road changes before I could discuss the problem with the driver.

    • Soo Lyth

      Having just come back from the Meadow Vale hearing at the Town Hall, I got to the Ovingdean roundabout at 4.30 and then joined the usual traffic jam crawling from there to the traffic lights in Rottingdean. This is a nightly rush hour occurrence, and usually lasts for a couple of hours. Brighton traffic management people need to redo their surveys. All it would take is for someone to sit by the roundabout for a week and they would see how bad the problem actually is.

  • Gary

    Why can’t Steyning Avenue in Rottingdean be made wider or do away with the parking to make it easier and safer to drive up and down. Rush hour you can’t drive down as people use it as a short cut to get to the main road.