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5 thoughts on “Contact Us/The Committee

  • Keith Andrews

    I have some e-mail correspondence with Brighton Council dating from the time of the High St./Steyning Rd. corner alterations 6 years ago which I think you should see. Basically nothing has since changed. I also have a very recent photo of a large Dutch lorry and trailer going seawards down the High Street. Goodness knows how it managed to turn out of Vicarage Lane. How can I easily forward this information? E-mail address?

  • martin whittle


    Congratulations for taking up the fight against the development of the playing field and the excessive traffic in the village. I have long thought that worst thing about Rottingdean is the level of traffic.

    Firstly, I just tried to donate but it would not let me. Is that because I live in France but wish to pay in pounds ?

    Secondly, I think your website is great. Can you let me know who did it and what it cost?

    Many thanks

  • Denise Taylor

    It was very nice to meet Lynne Moss on Tuesday evening. We didn’t really resolve the conversation we were having due to time constraints.
    Following is my brief overview of the meeting. I’m hopeful Community Works will send a fuller set of minutes in due course!.
    It would be good to keep in touch. Kind regards Denise

    CITY PARKS CONSULTATION MEETING with interested openspace community groups Tuesday 19th July Community Base Queens Road

    Community Works facilitated the meeting Chaired by Duncan Blinkhorn

    Cityparks Paul Campbell (Cityparks, Parks Projects and Strategy Manager) presented the challenges the council face with ever declining resources. The The council’s Open Spaces Strategy (OSS) will address these issues.
    Forthcoming challenges were laid out regarding the future development and maintenance of parks and open spaces.
    The city has a huge amount of open spaces including six green flag parks, heritage parks, 50 playgrounds, 3000 allotments, amenity green spaces, playing fields and green verges . Most are managed by Cityparks supported by stakeholders and many volunteers and Friends of Groups.
    Alternatives need to be explored to form a basis of future maintenance and management. Some open space may need to be looked at for housing needs
    and the OSS will look at how the pressures of additional housing can be mitigated. They will also look to explore alternative ways to deliver the service and how to raise more income or reduce costs.
    They will be looking at how playgrounds can be maintained in the future .

    Volunteers Alliance for Community Open Spaces.(VACOS) Denise Taylor (Chair Brighton & Hove City in Bloom.) set the ball rolling to bring focus on volunteers working solely in the open spaces sector – to join the dots and get groups connected in the light of the current economic situation. The benefit and value of our open spaces is more than economics.
    Rich Howorth of Biosphere Project has secured grant money from CUPP (Community University Partnership Programme) to “facilitate the development of a new greenspaces groups network” and VACOS will be part of that process. Long-term answers are needed for the future development of the role of volunteers. The restrictions of bureaucracy from the council have been frustrating. Clear lines of responsibility need to be defined. The council will only be giving minimal support therefore communication amongst groups and the council is vital. The OSS is a way for Cityparks to accomplish more with less which is a predicament for both sides. Cityparks is grossly underfunded and volunteers need a dedicated liaison officer within the council.

    Break-out group discussions were held with the following questions:-
    1. What are best and worst things about city parks.
    2. If you could change one thing in your local park what would be?
    3. Do you have ideas for saving money of council parks spending?
    4. If a new parks website was created what would you like to see ?
    5. What roles should FO groups play in ensuring a positive future ?
    6. 6. Are there ways FO groups can raise money to invest in parks?
    7. Where would you like the physical consultation to take place?
    8. What are your expectations of a green/openspaces network ?
    9. What would you like to see on the agenda for the green spaces network?

  • g hanney

    Might I point out to the many SUV drivers in this village that your concerns about traffic levels and traffic congestion in Rottingdean
    and reducing air pollution levels in Rottingdean (which breach UK & EU limits) are to a large extent hollow and should be taken with a very large pinch of salt. Perhaps those attending meetings should be asked what they drive.