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Lynne Moss:

Lynne has lived in St Aubyns Mead for the ten years. She runs a lettings business and has a keen interest in sports in general and the outdoors. Lynne says “I went along to the first public meeting and became aware of the air quality issues and was informed that the High Street is an Air Quality Management Area. Lynne says “The air quality in the historic High Street needs addressing before City Planners approve more housing in the locality and the additional traffic and air pollution that will result. I am delighted to get involved  with the SAFE campaign for the good of the village and beyond.”

Sean Flanagan:

Although Sean has lived in Pax, The Green for the last 7 years and has been involved in and with Rottingdean for some 40 years. Sean is a retired senior finance executive who has worked for US companies throughout Europe. He is interested in flyfishing, backgammon and music – being a member of a local band called MiDaS. Sean has a particular interest in the air quality and congestion problems which he has seen getting worse over the years and has spent some time in working on the “Local Green Space” designation which is so important for protecting the playing field in the long term.

Dilys Brown:

Dilys lives in Kipling Court and is a retired special needs teacher who came home to Rottingdean on retiring, after spending much of her working life living and working in London. Dilys says “Anybody travelling round the coastal areas of England would find it difficult to find a village as unique and beautiful as Rottingdean. I deem it a privilege to live here and want to protect that uniqueness for future generations.”

Guy Bate:

Guy has lived on Newlands Road with his wife and two daughters for over 10 years. He is a solicitor based in the City of London specialising in litigation in the real estate, construction and planning sectors. In his spare time he enjoys sailing. Guy became involved in SAFE to save St Aubyns field as a recreational green space for the Village and to put a stop to through traffic blighting the Village.

Lynne Stewart:

Lynne is a retired Special Needs teacher and has lived in Rottingdean over 30 years. Although now living in Grand Crescent, Lynne lived in Steyning Road for over 20 years, always treasuring the open green space of St Aubyns field. Lynne says “I became involved with SAFE to try and save the field as I feel it is the lungs of the village, providing an open space for us all to breathe, in what has become a seriously over congested and polluted part of our beautiful village.”

Joe Sheerin:

Joe is a retired academic who has lived with his wife, Sue, in Rottingdean for the past 13 years, previously living in Cambridge.  Joe has an interest in birdwatching, travel, geneology and Italian cooking. Joe and Sue love Rottingdean and are both passionate about saving St Aubyns field for future generations. Joe says “to lose it would be to rip the heart (and the lungs) out of the village. It is a beautiful green space as significant, in its own small way, as Hyde Park to Londoners or Central Park to New Yorkers. It would be an irreplaceable loss.”

Alison Wright:

Alison has worked as a Research fellow for the University of Brighton and worked as a consultant at the Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex.  She specialised in stakeholder engagement to further academic research agendas.  Previous to this she worked for IBM as a systems engineer and country general manager and is skilled at developing project proposals in the private and public sectors.  She holds a BSc in Chemistry with Management Science (Kent) and MSc in Science and Technology Policy (Sussex).

Kay Notley:

Kay retired to a life by the sea but was already familiar with Rottingdean, having visited family there for the past 20 years. Kay’s Daughters, who live abroad, regard the village as their UK home. Kay says “None of us want to see the village overdeveloped, or lose green space which could be a valuable recreational space. None of us want to see the High Street clogged with traffic or the endless queues to get from the A27 to the coast road.”

Cathy Gallagher:

Cathy is Chair of Saltdean Residents’ Association and also a Committee member of SAFE. Cathy says, “As Rottingdean and Saltdean are co-joined neighbourhoods, issues affecting Rottingdean also affect Saltdean and vice versa. We live in a very pleasant part of Brighton and Hove and I think it is vital that The Deans work together in cross border co-operation for the benefit of everyone.”

Neil Austin:

Neil was born in Brighton, always lived on the south coast, becoming a Rottingdean resident in 1996, living in the centre of the village involved with the local community. Following a 30 year career as a Police Detective, Neil is now a Director of a global security consultancy, specialising in terrorist risk to travelling business executives. Having been introduced to the SAFE founders, Neil was keen to play a part in the preservation of the last significant green space in the Village. Traffic and the high levels of pollution are of particular concerns that he feels the council has an obligation to address.

John Bustard:

John has lived in Rottingdean for 11 years and has had family connections in Rottingdean for over 40 years. Before retirement John was a Senior Manager with global brand Unilever, with responsibility for buying for one of their major Companies in the UK. John served on the Parish Council for 4 years with a specific responsibility for liaising with the City Council on transport. Ideally John would like to see the St Aubyns Playing Field made available to the local community, which will be increased by the residences on the brownfield site, for recreational purposes and/or for use by the two local schools.


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One thought on “Committee Members

  • Dagmar Eberts

    I would like to renew my membership. I think you are all doing a great job.
    I live in Chailey Ave, is it possible to drop a cheque in nearby, as I did last year?