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We have been working hard with our partner campaign groups to put together this petition that asks B&HCC, ESCC & LDC to jointly take action to address the ever increasing traffic congestion between Brighton Marina and Newhaven in both directions. Click here for more details.



We have become aware that the Cothill Trust have sold the site and playing field to Fairfax Properties. Click here for more details. We are keen to ensure that the boundary flint wall is maintained and are in discussion with B&HCC as we have been for some months now. We await a new planning application.



We have offered our help to the Parish Council as they continue to develop the Neighbourhood Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan will have a much weight attributed to it when new planning applications are submittted so we are keen to see the Draft Neighbourhood Plan as soon as possible.



45 properties in the village are at risk of exceeding nitrogen dioxide levels according to B&HCC’s Air Quality Action Plan. SAFE has a great working relationship with Dr Smallbone of Brighton University and we have a project running with more diffusion tube collecting data on the High Street.


There are many, many avenues and topics that we investigate, look into and we challenge B&HCC on a continual basis. There is much work that we are doing, too much to list here and there is indeed much more work to be done! If you would like to help us please let us know. We welcome people who can help deliver leaflets in the village and anyone who is interested in helping with a particular subject or being a committee member.

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7 thoughts on “What SAFE is working on now..

  • Maurice Thorogood

    Please leave our lovely village as it is…We can not get through the village for traffic as it is…62 bed care home means 62 people making a visit in a car and 48 Residential Units means 60 cars parked in the village ..The village is unsafe to walk through for traffic fumes.

    We can not take any more homes in Rottingdean or Ovingdean….Hands off ..Please find a brown fill area where perhaps you can build two homes

    The six homes at the top of Court Ord Road has create a one way traffic system due to parked cars belong to just six homes

  • Derek G Smith

    I am totally amazed that once again a Property Developer has marched into Town and without any regard to the existing issues of
    Traffic Congestion and Air Pollution wishes to Add to the Problem !
    The area concerned cannot take any more vehicles to pollute the air around Rottingdean High Street , where the air quality at certain times of the day is polluted higher than UK and EU Guidelines .
    The Congestion in and around the area is a disaster ,especially when Delivery vehicles have to stop in the high street with traffic backing up as far as Falmer Road on the North / South Route ,
    The main A259 is a total joke during commuter times again with traffic back as far as Roedean School on the West to East Carriage ways,
    and Telscombe Cliffs on the East to West Carriage Way .
    I cannot imagine how the access will work via Steyning Road as I believe already an application for vehicle access direct onto the A259
    was Rejected a few years back for the development on the old site of Deans Motors , now a small group of Town Houses .
    I urge the Planning Department to turn down this crazy idea before the whole area becomes GRIDLOCKED .

  • Colinette Craig

    I strongly object to the St Aubyns Stite to be used for Further dwellings and cars and infrastructure the will be caused by the building works proposed.
    We are Over Crowded.
    The coast Road is getting more dangerous by the second. Emergency Services cannot get through at peak times. I have had near misses with Abulances coming straight at me, because they have No Where to navigate, we have NO where to stop. The Bus lane I am told IS out of Bounds I know as I received a fine.
    Adding even more dwellings with additions. WHY WHY

  • annon

    I used to be behind Safe but upon further investigation and reflection felt that their own ‘view diminution’ was the main motivating factor and objection of the two SAFE reps who, as it transpired happened to live either facing or adjacent to St Aubyn’s Field and that this was therefore no objection at all.

    • Joe Sheerin

      Anon (with one ‘n’)

      As one of the two people alluded to in the recent posting I reckon Annon has got me bang to rights. I really don’t give a damn about the loss of our village heritage, the insane traffic problems or the criminally high level of air pollution. So long as I can see the sea I’m as happy as Larry (Grayson).

      I have now cancelled my subscription to Save the Bengali Tiger Fund as I don’t even own a tiger, Bengali or otherwise.



  • Mrs Fiona Jones

    Could you help in contacting Brighton and Hove Council regarding traffic calming measures on the lower / Rottingdean part of Falmer Road where traffic / motorists regularly exceed 40 mph and there have been a number of accidents as a result. We are concerned that serious injury or a fatality could occur.

    Many thanks,

    Fiona Jones