How Many New Properties?

Below are the numbers of proposed new properties. If you know of others please let us know.

45 dwellings identified by B&HCC for Meadow Vale

Accommodation for 850 students at Falmer

450 dwellings at Hoddern Farm, Peacehaven. click here for more details.

32 dwellings at Falmer Avenue, Saltdean

65 dwellings at Coombe Farm, Saltdean

9 houses, corner of Chailey Avenue/Marine Drive, Rottingdean

9 houses, Falmer Road, Rottingdean, Planning Application Approved

Other developments:

50 dwellings on urban fringe sites in Saltdean

A Freedom of Information request shows that in the years 2010-2015, 613 dwellings are due to be built across the areas of Seaford, Newhaven, Peacehaven and Telscombe Cliffs. During the years 2015-2020, 920 dwellings are due to be built.

Other smaller residential developments: no number

Total proposed dwellings 4462. (number does not include the hotel or developments where numbers are unknown.)

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