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3 thoughts on “How To Join Us

  • Tony Blake-Lawson

    Having recently received your leaflet concerning the St Aubyns playing fields I have recently had a fair bit of correspondence with our local MP Simon Kirby.

    I completely agree with your objectives and I think it would be a very suitable use to make the playing fields into a public park with a decent playground for the local children.

    I know we already have such a facility North of the village but the original St Aubyns buildings as a possible compromise could be converted into nice flats/apartments which hopefully local people could afford. This would not dramatically increase the traffic in the village as the existing parking area at the front of the school buildings could be utilised and if necessary a small parking area round the back of the buildings could be developed.

    I rather fear that the Developers have quite a powerful lobby with the Brighton & Hove City Council Planning Department so I think there will be a substantial fight to retain these playing fields intact. However, I think it is very important that all of us local Rottingdean residents provide a robust objection to such developments. The village is already overrun with cars and other transport and certainly we do not want to increase the air pollution particularly in the High Street.

  • graham tugwell

    I echo Tony’s views, and wonder if anyone has considered options around desingating some of the green space as a community orchard, or the planting of wild flower seeds around the perimeters to maintain and enhance the beauty and natural usefullness of the area. Such initiatives have worked in Brighton and there are groups that can support that.