How To Donate 3

You can donate via Paypal using the option below. If you wish to send a cheque please send your cheque to:

SAFE, 1 Kipling Court, St Aubyns Mead, Rottingdean, Brighton BN2 7JT, making your cheque out to “SAFE (Rottingdean)”.
We are a non-profit community organisation. Thank you.

If you wish to pay by BACS direct transfer please Contact Us for the bank details.

Donations are vital so that we can keep the momentum of the campaign moving forward especially as we expect the recent planning applications to be appealed and/or re-submitted. Donations help towards the cost of simple things like printing and website maintainance. Mainly though, we need to employ experts in planning, traffic congestion, pollution and ecology so that we can lobby the Council professionally and effectively, fight the developers and achieve our aims of:

  • Saving St Aubyns school playing field and establishing a public park
  • Supporting the sympathetic development of the main St Aubyns school site
  • Reducing traffic levels and traffic congestion in Rottingdean
  • Reducing air pollution levels in Rottingdean (which breach EU limits)
Thank you for your continued support!The SAFE Team

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3 thoughts on “How To Donate


    St Aubyn’s Playing Field should be kept as a green area.

    I have been a resident of Rottingdean for many years.

    Children and teenagers need areas where they can play and exercise, particularly with the obesity epidemic draining all NHS resources. 1 in 3 children are obese by the age of 11. The government should be PROTECTING these green areas as a place for people to walk, run, play! I feel extremely strongly about this matter. Rottingdean also needs a swimming pool to replace the one the local government removed several years ago (saltwater pool from the seafront in Rottingdean, and also at black rock at the marina, under a false promise they would replace these!!). Either a swimming pool or a green space / park area for local residents would be a great, suitable use of this space. Anything else is nonsense.

  • (Professor) Cedric Watts

    If this green space is preserved mainly as a park, it will benefit so many people. The infrastructure cannot cope with extensive building here.