Why We Need Funds 11

We need your donations and membership subscriptions for simple things like printing and website maintainance. Mainly though, we need to employ experts in planning, traffic congestion, pollution and ecology so that we can lobby the Council professionally and effectively, fight the developers and achieve our aims of:

  • Saving St Aubyns school playing field and establishing a public park
  • Supporting the sympathetic development of the main St Aubyns school site
  • Reducing traffic levels and traffic congestion in Rottingdean
  • Reducing air pollution levels in Rottingdean (which breach EU limits)

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11 thoughts on “Why We Need Funds

  • Jill Poole

    My husband, Chris, and I are very happy to sign petitions in support of your campaign. Please add us to your mailing list of supporters.
    Kind regards,
    25 Gorham Avenue

    • lynne

      Dear Jill

      Thank you for your comment and support! We are just working on getting the petition up and running so we will be in touch with you with a link so that you can sign. Thank you again and please let anyone you know in Rottingdean know about our campaign. We hope to arrange a public meeting soon so we will keep you posted on this also.

      SAFE Member

  • Christopher Hawkes

    My wife Isabel and I are happy to sign a petition in support of the SAFE campaign. Please add us to your mailing list of supporters.
    Best Regards, Chris

  • Matt

    With the distinct lack of housing available in Brighton, this site could be an excellent chance for the younger generation who have lived in Brighton all their life to step forth onto the property ladder. If all these sites are continually kept as disused playing fields then your children will very unlikely be able to afford a house in the area they grew up. Just a thought.


    Please add my name and my husbands to your Petition against yet another attempt to build on every blade of grass in this area. Brighton & Hove Green Party have some serious questions to be accounted for.

  • DJ

    I would suggest Matt drives around Brighton and suburbs to see how many derelict unoccupied shops, buildings, brown sites not being used for ‘new housing’ and would ask where the children will play when all green fields have been concreted over – our islands lungs are going to be so choked as I have seen in Hong Kong and Singapore.

    • Matt Smith

      It’s a valid point with the brownfield sites across the city and of course these should be redeveloped (though there is an argument for the deterioration of our high streets but that’s a whole different topic). Whilst I would be against the vast majority of projects attempting to build on existing green field sites open to the public, St Aubyns playing field has been under the canvas of the school since it opened, with very little public access, surely then it could well qualify for a good patch of land to redeveloped, it is not as if Rottingdean isn’t surrounded by green fields with a long history of public access (these I agree should not be built on). The playing field, I believe, does not fall into that category. With 22,000 households on the homemove register waiting to rent or buy within the Brighton area and with future generations (like me) also wanting to buy, we have no hope of moving onto the housing ladder in Brighton. The need for more housing very much apparent . Of course there are very valid points raised with SAFE (i.e. a relief road is clearly needed) which I agree with, but we can’t keep objecting to every housing development otherwise it will make it even more difficult for Brightonians to move into their home-town.

      I wanted to challenge public opinion and hope people would, at least, factor in all of the arguments before forming their judgement instead of instantly objecting and hopefully I have at least reached out to a few.

      I’m sorry DJ you believe that Rottingdean will become the next financial hub of Asia if 45 or so houses are built on one site, but as I have mentioned before about forming opinions without factoring in all the issues, I honestly can’t see that happening.