Sewerage and water

A significant increase in local demand on an old and stretched system may cause problems.

Extract re supporting documentation for the planning committee meeting (28th January 2015) agenda relating to an application for 85 units within  Rottingdean parish at Ovingdean

5.39.2 Due to changes in legislation that came into force on 1st October 2011 regarding the future ownership of sewers it is possible that a sewer now deemed to be public could be crossing the site. Therefore, should any sewer be found during construction works, an investigation of the sewer will be required to ascertain its condition, the number of properties served and potential means of access before any further works commence on site.

5.39.3 Following initial investigations, there is currently inadequate capacity in the local network to provide foul sewage disposal to service the proposed development. The proposed development would increase flows to the public sewerage system and existing properties and land may be subject to a greater risk of flooding as a result. Additional offsite sewers, or improvements to existing sewers, will be required to provide sufficient capacity to service the development.

5.39.4 Initial investigations indicate that here are no public surface water sewers in the area to serve the development Alternative means of draining surface water from this development are required. This should not involve disposal to a public foul sewer.

Although the comments above  related to the Meadow Vale application  in Rottingdean Parish, some 1.8km away, these comments may be equally as valid for any review of sewage and water facilities relating the St Aubyns proposal.

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