Rottingdean has insufficient school places available at the moment and limited room for expansion within the village.

This is an extract regarding supporting documentation for the planning committee meeting (28th January 2015) agenda relating to an application for 85 units within Rottingdean parish at Ovingdean:

Education Officer:

5.52.2 Ovingdean is a fairly distinct community and is not within the main part of the City. As a result of this there is limited choice in terms of local schools. The closest schools to the development are Rudyard Kipling Primary School, Woodingdean Primary, Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary and St Margaret’s CE Primary School. None of these schools have any significant surplus capacity and anticipate this being the case for the foreseeable future.

5.52.3 The development is in the catchment area for Longhill School in terms of secondary places. While there is currently some surplus capacity at Longhill with the recent growth in primary numbers know that this will not remain the case for much longer.

5.52.4 It is expected by the DfE that should maintain between 5% and 10% surplus places to allow for parental preference. Taking the schools mentioned above there are a total of 1,260 primary places available and currently there are 1,200 children on roll. This means that there is less than the 5% minimum in this part of the city. A development of 100 residential units will have a serious impact on the school places issue in this part of the City and parents will have no choice whatsoever.

The comments above related to the Meadow Vale application in Rottingdean Parish. Although some 1.8km away, these comments are equally as valid for any review of educational facilities relating the St Aubyns proposal

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