Flood risk


17 June 2016. “There is queuing on the A27 westbound from the Falmer turning towards Brighton and beyond. Queues have come to a standstill on the Falmer Road as cars try to navigate heavy floods blocking the road in places in Rottingdean and in Woodingdean. Motorists are urged to be aware there is a danger of aquaplaning.”

flash flood june 2016




click here to see the Environment Agency surface water flood map showing the High Street as a high risk area. The St Aubyns School Playing field slopes downward towards the High Street so building on the Playing field, near the High Street will increase this risk.

Below are photographs and other Rottingdean flood information.

28 May 2016, High Street, Rottingdean

high street 28 may 2016High Street flood 28.05.16



8 August 2015: Falmer Road, Rottingdean

Photo 13-08-2015 2  Photo 13-08-2015 4 Photo 13-08-2015 5 Photo 13-08-2015 6 Photo 13-08-2015 7   Photo 13-08-2015 10   


Also, Rottingdean High Street:

Click this link to view video: high street aug 2015



10th October 2014: Rottingdean Floods:

Flooding on the High Street and at the junction with the A259 is caused by surface water run off that the local drainage system cannot cope with. The proposed new development could increase the level of run off.

Deveson’s the Greengrocer, situated on the High Street and the cottages opposite the shop were flooded and fire brigade closed the High Street.

6:30am, 11th October 2014:

6.30am 11 october 2014 flood

7:00am, 11th October 2014:

7am 11 october 2014 flood

7:05am, 11th October 2014:

7.05 am october 11 2014 flood

The Argus article: http://www.theargus.co.uk/photos/readersphotos/2014/october_10_storms/0/



2nd November 2013, Extract from The Argus:

“Soggy Sussex is bracing itself for floods after weathermen warned residents to prepare for the worst. Heavy rain on Thursday night caused flash floods in Rottingdean yesterday and experts warned water levels were likely to rise even further.

Forecasters said some parts of the county could be deluged with 30mm of rain last night and this morning. There is also a chance of gale force winds hitting the area, which could cause large waves along the coast. To make things worse, next week sees the peak of high spring tides which, together with the expected heavy rainfall and strong winds, could mean the risk of flooding in coastal areas is increased.”



Monday 15th December 2008, Extract from The Argus:

old lady in flood

“A major clear-up operation is underway today after torrential rain brought flooding to Sussex. Dozens of elderly residents, many in wheelchairs, were rescued from a Crawley nursing home after a nearby river burst its banks on Saturday night.

…The A259 at Rottingdean, Brighton, was closed for a time on Saturday after a blocked drain flooded the coast road.

…Sussex Police said they had dozens of calls about flooded roads. The A259 coast road was closed for a time at its junction with Roedean Road, Brighton, after a blocked drain left it under a foot of water on Saturday.”

Comment from SAFE: Flooding is one of the reasons why the residents of Rottingdean object to the proposed new housing development and commercial 62 bed nursing home.



Monday 29th December 2003, Extract from The Argus:

“Rain and wind left roofs leaking and overflowing drains flooded roads. The Environment Agency has issued a flood warning in East Sussex. Houses were affected over the weekend in a number of areas including Bloomsbury Place, Rottingdean, Dorset Gardens, Brighton, Lustrells Vale, Saltdean, Chesham Place, Rottingdean, Brunswick Terrace, Hove, and Barrowfield Road, Hove.”



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