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There are insufficient public parking spaces currently available to service existing visitor levels to the village. The proposal will reduce the currents public parking spaces available.


There is an existing shortage of parking in Rottingdean as is evidenced by the difficulty residents and local visitors experience when accessing the High Street.

There are three official car parks in Rottingdean illustrated on the map below


The longer term car park is off the A259 to the east of the High Street, some 200 m up the hill on the cliff / right side of marine Drive.

The short term car park is situated between West Street and Marine drive alongside the traffic lights.

There is a third car park which is situated behind the White Horse Hotel and used in general by the Hotel`s clientele.

There is a limited degree of roadside parking.

The development proposal indicates that there are plans for three separate access points planned for the development. These are located at points which are currently in use for roadside parking.

Each new access road into the development will mean a space of 5 to 10 meters on each side of the access road will require double yellow lines. This means that a minimum of 30m of existing roadside parking will be lost

Rottingdean Urban Study Statement produced by B&HCC comments:

“The high street supports a range of shops and services and a number of schools indicating that the village is a district centre for the surrounding neighbourhoods” (such as Saltdean, Ovingdean, Woodingdean and also to a degree Telscombe Cliffs and Peacehaven.) “as well as attracting tourists to the area.”

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One thought on “Parking

  • Sarah

    I live in Brighton and visited Rottingdean today with some friends. I will not be going back due to the unwelcome , bullying , intimidation from residents on park road over a parking space . As far as I could see there are no parking restrictions on this road and parked there. Before I even got out of my car I was met by an aggressive resident and her “mate”
    Who apparently was filming it all ! Very basics and bizarre behaviour from adults . Either sort out residents parking or have a word with it’s residents . Pretty disgusting behaviour . I’ll stick to Brighton from now on.