What the Council and the Police Say

SAFE has given all the information contained in the Traffic Blog to B&HCC and the Police, along with a request that additional signage be put up before traffic gets to the Woodingdean junction, in the hope that this will alleviate the traffic congestion and illegal air pollution limits in Rottingdean and surrounding Deans areas including Saltdean, Peacehaven, Ovingdean and Woodingdean.

On behalf of the community, SAFE’s requests were:

1. To change or add to the existing signage at Woodingdean and further out. We understand it is currently correct however it is clearly not working.

2. To help prevent over-sized, prohibited vehicles coming into and through Rottingdean.

3. To prevent parking on double yellow lines/pavements/grass areas in Saltdean and Rottingdean.



B&HCC have confirmed the current signage is correct and there is no funding for additional road signage. The Police have confirmed it is a B&HCC Town and Planning matter but will continue to help where they can. B&HCC will send over the traffic enforcement team upon request for any vehicle illegally parking/obstruction matters. As a local resident, for traffic parking issues, you can call 0345 603 5469, choose option 2.


What does this mean for the locality?

Illegal, over-sized vehicles will continue to come into and pass through the Deans areas. Traffic will continue to increase, therefore causing more congestion and the already EU & UK illegal air pollution limits will continue to be broken.

For full details of the communications with B&HCC Managers, Officers and the Police, click here


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