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2 thoughts on “Support Us

  • Henrietta Palmer

    The infrastructure in Rottingdean simply cannot take any more traffic. The village is already gridlocked and air quality is already outside the legal limits.

    It’s criminal that the few green spaces left in Brighton are being considered for development.

  • Guy Bate

    I note from our Parish Council’s 19th Annual Newsletter that it refers to the possibility of dealing with air pollution on Rottingdean High Street by making it one-way, North bound. This would be short-sighted and a retrograde step. It would simply have the effect of moving the South bound traffic onto roads which are already used as rat runs to avoid the High Street (Steyning, Newlands and Chailey) and so blight them and the houses on them. These roads are not designed for heavy volumes of traffic (any more than the High Street is). Furthermore, allowing the traffic to move faster down the High Street and our other roads would encourage (a) even more traffic through the village; and (b) speeding, and so only make matters worse. More and faster traffic would be a particular danger on the High Street because of the close proximity of two junior schools, elderly residents and the very narrow (and sometimes non-existent) pavements.

    Another equally worrying consequence of a one-way system proposal is that it would have the effect of putting-off, for the foreseeable future, a proper long term solution, and yet traffic volumes through the Village will only continue to grow as population numbers grow along the coastal conurbation between Brighton and Newhaven.

    It is a scandal that governments (local and national) have done nothing to tackle the congestion on our local roads and that we still have a Victorian Road network. According to official statistics we have some of the most congested roads in the Country and this is because nothing has been done to improve our road infrastructure over the last three to four decades. This is completely unacceptable and cannot be allowed to continue.

    We must fight for a proper solution to the traffic congestion (and hence the pollution problems) in Rottingdean, Woodingdean and on the Falmer Road. That solution has to be a new relief road to take traffic from the A27 to the coast road. Something also has to be done about the Falmer Junction on the A27 which at busy times (particularly football match days at the Amex stadium) is incredibly dangerous because of the traffic queues back onto the A27, sometimes as far back as the A23 junction. It beggars belief that this is allowed to happen. We need a remodelled Falmer Road Junction or junctions to include accommodating a relief road to the coast road.

    We must not have any truck with any fudging of Rottingdean’s particular problem (and by a fudge I mean a one-way system). We must grasp the nettle and fight for what we should have been given decades ago – a relief road. I, and many others in Rottingdean, would rather fight for that and not be fobbed off with a one-way system. SAFE will also fight for this.