Being a pedestrian on Rottingdean’s narrow pavements can be a challenge as well as very dangerous! Why is this?

Because.. the pavements are so narrow:

pedestrian pic


Because.. vehicles are illegally stopping next to the pedestrian crossing and parking on the pavement:

2015-11-27 - High Street2016-02-05 High Street 1


Because.. oversized vehicles also park up on the pavement:

11-06 Steyning RoadVicarage Lane 2015-10-09


High St 2015-08-28 - 3

Because… the elderly face the challenge of obstructed pavements.

2016-02-03 High Street2016-02-02 High Street 12016-01-28 High Street

Because.. you have to watch your toes!

5 oct 2015 1

Because.. the pavement on the High Street does not meet the UK legal width. They are too narrow.

Because.. vehicles have to squeeze past each other:

High St 2015-08-28 - 222 aug 2015 heavy traffic on high street near pedestrian


2016-02-05 High Street 3


More pavement parking. Where there are no yellow lines, the Traffic Wardens are unable to issue PCN’s:

2016-02-05 The Green


Tuesday 9 August 2016:

Comment from Local Resident: “When two over-weight trucks, going in opposite directions meet, they both have to take to the pavements!”

2016-08-09 two lorries on pavements

Pedestrian Crossings

Comment from a local resident: “I’m just as concerned by the lack of care by many drivers on the pedestrian crossings in the High St and north of The Green. In the past week there have been 5 occasions when I have been on the crossing and cars have driven across. On one occasion I was almost half way across the one in the High St and a car drove across. Unfortunately, the lights at the end of the road changed before I could discuss the problem with the driver.”


Report traffic offences/oversized vehicles to the Traffic Wardens on 0345 603 5469, option 2.


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