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16 thoughts on “Local Green Space

  • Veronica Culver

    These pockets of green space are vital for community recreation and provide habitats for wildlife. Rottingdean and the surrounding area suffers from too much congestion, traffic and pollution at the best of times, without increasing the pressure from more housing.
    Save our Deans successfully campaigned to get planning permission refused – I hope the same can be done in the heart of Rottingdean!!


    I have only lived in Rotting dean for 18 months, but have come to feel passionately about it’s green spaces.
    Providing more homes will increase traffic and saturate the surgeries etc. It is an enormous pleasure and privilege to walk and enjoy
    the countryside here, which provides families with much needed recreation.
    Also, I reside on the High St and i wonder how these poor old buildings can withstand the lorries etc.quite apart from the choking pollution
    levels. Mr. Kipling must be spinning in his grave!
    It would be a pleasure to sign a petition and I wish you luck with the campaign.
    Surely the High St could be pedestrianized for some hours of the day and night.

  • joanna gurr

    rottngdean is a villiage and has many elderly residents who take pleasure in being able to visit green spaces.

    any housing built is rarely affordable for the average family anyway.

  • Jake Maxwell

    This causes me, my wife and three young children great upset as we have now settled here for the peace Rottingdean offers.. Developing this field behind our back garden will take away a piece of the village that will ruin its historical feel.. It’s very polluted here and another 200 residents going down farmer road will pose a risk to my children’s health with all the fumes from car exhausts.

    We fiercely oppose this development

    Jake Maxwell

  • Miss Sue Hayes

    It very much feels that Rottingdean is under attack from the developers who see any green space as an opportunity to cram in as many homes as possible. I am not a nimby I am simply concerned that this very old village which has a great deal of history will become more overrun with more and more vehicles with the resulting increase in traffic jams. Developments should be more than about roofs over heads, it should be about quality of life for everyone. Once a field is developed it will be there a long time, so the residents should be proud of the outcome.

  • Dick & Bridget Clinch

    Have lived here for 33 years, enjoyed the location and continue to do so in the village as it is today. Any large modern housing development will spoil this for all residents and visitors alike so we object to this proposal.

  • Paul Raffield

    The proposed development of St Aubyn’s Field would destroy Rottingdean, much as the proposed development of the Kipling Gardens back in the 1980s would have. Members of my family have lived in the village for more than 30 years. It is our civic duty to preserve the village for future generations. We must act together to eliminate the threat posed by commercial developers.


    This area should clearly be protected as a green area or kept as a swimming pool / park area for local residents, to replace the saltwater swimming pool that was removed from the seafront in Rottingdean by the local council a decade or two ago (not to mention the Black Rock swimming pool the council removed).

    Children and teenagers need green space where they can run, walk, exercise. 1 in 3 children are obese by the age of 11 in the UK. It is draining the NHS of resources and is totally unsustainable.

    I suggest the local council and National Government roll out exercise facilities and suitable park areas and playing fields in all local areas, easily walkable and accessible to all people in every village, town and city across the UK.

    Certainly we should be keeping this area as a green space for the community. Either build a swimming pool there (or keep the one that’s already there that was part of the school!!) or make it a beautiful park (just as Lewes has The Grange Gardens!) I feel it could do with being protected under the South Downs protection scheme as an area of natural beauty.

  • Mary Deacon

    This development by Linden Homes at St. Aubyns should not go ahead because this site does not
    benefit from housing development. It is just another example of developers trying to get their hands on
    small attractive sites where they can build expensive houses and make huge profits. I live on Marine Drive,
    I see the amount of traffic in this village, it goes past my house daily. Not to mention the pollution aspect
    caused by the amount of cars already using the Coast Road. This is a small village renowned for its outstanding natural beauty. Developers are only interested in buying up what is our childrens’ heritage. Please stop this proposal. Let the residents of Rottingdean and those who choose to visit enjoy our lovely village.

  • Mike

    One thing clesrly missing from all this comments is the fact that Rottingdean residents never had access to these fields so we would loose little and gain much needed housing. Nevertheless, I would not support the developemtnowing to the already excessive traffic in the village. That said we need more houses and I would far prefer a single centralised development than more squeezed in ‘back garden’ developments. If past people did not allow any development then most of us would not be living in the village!