New Developer for the St Aubyns School Site 5

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SAFE has been informed that the Cothill Educational Trust have sold the St Aubyns site to Fairfax Properties. We understand that both Cothill and the original property developer, Linden Homes have therefore relinquished any future interest in St Aubyns. We will update further when we are in a position to do so.

Looking at the Fairfax Properties Land Acquisition website page, their heading is this: “UNLOCKING POTENTIAL & MAXIMISING VALUE” so we can expect another large planning application at some point.

Fairfax state they “are constantly looking to attain new land in desirable and unique locations. Our in-house acquisitions and planning team proactively investigate development potential on land in both rural and urban environments.”


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5 thoughts on “New Developer for the St Aubyns School Site

  • graham tugwell

    Know thy enemy:

    One of their boasts is that they consult with local communities, “Providing an opportunity to receive feedback on our proposals which, where possible and appropriate, we will incorporate in our designs going forward”

    In which case I would expect to see a proposal in the near future that does not include the field !

  • Jean Freeborn

    I am not a true ‘Rottingdeaner’ having only moved here twenty-three years ago but the change in the village and the surrounding environment in those twenty-three years has been to it’s detriment. Every time a large house becomes vacant we have another three houses or perhaps a small block of flats built on the site. Many shops have closed in the village to be replaced by estate agents or something similar or remain empty for quite a considerable time. Add to this the huge volume of traffic which goes through the village every day and it is very clear that the village cannot sustain another large development, never mind the pressure on schools, doctors, etc.

  • John Loveridge

    From a contact I have learnt that the City Council has a distinct policy of only encouraging housing development in the “urban fringe” of the city. Furthermore, it is evident to all that the further one is away from the centre of Brighton the more difficult it is to obtain any action by the Council. This was brought home to me eighteen months ago when I had a meeting with a BHCC Council Tax officer who did not even know that Rottingdean was in Brighton & Hove!

  • Graham Tugwell

    Please note that todat local residents have recieved fresh proposals from Linden for St Aubyns field (probably cynically timed to coincide with the public meeting). The proposal still ruins half of the field with a 62 bed care home and 10 open market homes plus parking, and renders the rest less attractive with a parking area etc. There are unsuppported and inaccurate assertions that traffic levels will not exceed those when the school was open. My view is the proposal is still an insult to the views of local residents and needs to be vigorously rejected. Linden maintain its the only financially viable option which is clearly total rubbish for a company with an 8 billion pound turnover. You can view it and leave comments here: