New Developer For St Aubyns School Site & Playing Field 9

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The Cothill Educational Trust have sold the whole St Aubyns site to Fairfax Properties. Fairfax are currently undertaking pre-application meetings with B&HCC and the Parish Council.

Members of SAFE met recently with Fairfax Properties to see where there was opportunity to work together to develop the school campus which needs regeneration bearing in mind it’s  listed status and the historic chapel that sits within the campus.

Fairfax state they “are constantly looking to attain new land in desirable and unique locations. Our in-house acquisitions and planning team proactively investigate development potential on land in both rural and urban environments.”

We will update this page with further information when we hear more details.

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9 thoughts on “New Developer For St Aubyns School Site & Playing Field

  • Brenda Matthews

    The phrase Fairfax uses to,describe their ethos “…investigate development potential on land in both rural and urban environments” does not sound encouraging as I doubt they would have purchased this site had it not included the playing field as a “development potential”

  • Bevely Lawrence

    The St Aubyn’s school site and playing field needs to be protected from over-development and the pressure this would inevitably place on the local infrastructure and community resources.

  • Debbie Wegner

    While I understand we now have Fairfax to contend with, I am beyond delighted that we obviously exhausted Cothill and Linden Homes to give up and move on…..NO-one loves St.Aybuns like we all do, and we will outlast Fairfax too !!

  • Paul Mnich

    None of the potential problems in relation to the future of development this site have changed, or so far been properly addressed by either developers or planners.

    Whereas some redevelopment on the old school site may be desirable to stop it falling into dereliction and decay, and to provide much needed housing in the area, it is impossible to consider this without first addressing the infrastructure.

    The volumes of traffic, both through the village and along the coast road, the consequential congestion and toxic pollution resulting from it, as well as the degradation of the fabric of the historic village of Rottingdean and surrounding rural and coastal environment is not sustainable.

    Until these issues are dealt with it would be madness to permit any development of the site.

  • Penny Wright

    Interesting! Sadly the buildings, particularly the front of the building, will decay further whilst Fairfax fight us to gain permission for their plans for development.