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Do you want to see a reduction in the A259 South Coast Road congestion?  If so then read on!

You’ll already know that traffic queues start to build earlier and earlier in the day and you’ll get stuck in traffic anywhere between Brighton Marina and Newhaven in either direction. There are lots of new planning applications coming in for housing along this stretch of road with no increased infrastructure planned. The High Street in Rottingdean is a designated Air Quality Management Area and recently, the central roads in Newhaven have also been designated as an Air Quality Management Area. This stretch of the A259 South Coast Road covers two local Councils, B&HCC and ESCC, the boundary being in the middle of Saltdean.


What is the plan?
We are petitioning B&HCC, ESCC and LDC to work with each other to carry out a joint traffic evaluation study as well as an economic impact study of the detrimental effects caused by traffic congestion and to inform local residents what road infrastructure improvements will be required before further housing development takes place.


Sign the Big Petition:
Please sign both the B&HCC and the ESCC petitions online to show your support for action to take place! When you register your support you will be able to see the full wording of the petition. It is important to sign both petitions.

B&HCC link:

ESCC link:

Please pass the word on and ask your friends and family to sign as soon as they can. click here if you want a paper based petition to hand out.

See it on Twitter: click here


Who are we?
SAFE Rottingdean are working in conjunction with the Peacehaven Focus Group, Saltdean Residents’ Association, Telscombe Residents Association, Save Ovingdean and Newhaven Town Council. We will be presenting the three petitions to each Full Council Meeting BUT we do need to get a lot of signatures: ESCC: Signatures required: 5000.  B&HCC: Signatures required: 1250



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12 thoughts on “THE BIG A259 PETITION!

  • brian gosling

    yes i agree A259 Newhaven Peacehaven saltdean rottingdean to Brighton. is well overdue for a mayor refurbishment and infrastructure before we all come gridlock any incident on this part of the A259 becomes gridlock for hours. it can not come soon enough. Brian gosling.

  • Veronica Culver

    Totally agree that something needs to be done about the huge traffic problem.
    I live in Saltdean and often sit for quite some time at the junction of Arundel Drive West trying to get out onto the SCR towards Rottingdean or just trying to cross the road to the bus stop…cars continually streaming past. Perhaps a set of traffic lights here?
    Poor Rottingdean High St. is awful for traffic and pollution levels.

  • Leonard Catt

    Why not a tunnel entering the sea at the Blind Veterans roundabout and going under the sea to Newhaven.
    If Southern water can do it why can’t the Highways department do the same?
    No damage to the views.
    No protest on the environment.
    Too easy as is the link from Warren Road to Bexhill Road I put forward to help the environment.

  • Mr Dirk Mitchell

    I would like to know the names of officers who are responsible for making decisions affecting development along the south coast A259. I regularly travel through Newhaven and the congestion is just as bad. It is completely idiotic to allow planning when the infrastructure is not in place to cope with the current demands being placed upon the roads, and public services. Schools, hospitals, police and GP services are at full stretch and yet the government expect the local authorities to cut back their annual budgets. More than anything else, we need accountability from the people who are pushing for more development. Can they please explain how they see services currently manage before they consider adding to the local infrastucture which is already beyond being fit for purpose.

  • Myriam Emard-Doggett

    It is very necessary to improve the traffic congestions on the coast road. Since the bus lane creation, it has improved for the buses but it has become hell for car owners. I live in Ovingdean and now, even if I try to ovoid certain times, there is still queues building up. Where are we supposed to live? All in Brighton City? Bus services are good for residents who live near a bus stop, but not all of us do nor can.
    The sooner something is done the better for local commuters and for pollution.

  • Steven Ogden

    I totally agree the road is gridlocked from 6.30 am to 9.30am every day, and the bus lane just makes it worse .and every day from 3.00 to 7.30 this is not good enough a bye pass is needed urgently

  • David Adkin

    Thousands of vehicles during am/pm peak times creeping along the A259 between Ovingdean and Peacehaven cause very high levels of pollution as shown in a 2016 survey, also the congestion often delays emergency vehicles. Refurbishment is overdue.

  • Abe Hill

    It has probably already been said, the width of the Rottingdean High Street still remains unchanged for hundreds of years, could be before cars production started.

  • Mr G A Viney

    Congestion and pollution is too high now so further development along the A259 is ridiculous as this will only encourage even more cars and so pollute the air.

  • Joanna Holles

    There is far too much heavy traffic on this narrow Coast Road, and there are probably caves under the cliffs, we could have a sink hole incident.
    HGVs were banned from using this road when I moved here in 1983, why are they using it now? Neither should they be using Rottingdean High Street either.

  • Ernest Sharman

    The volume of traffic currently on the A259 Coast Road at peak times is totally unpractical for all residents of Rottingdean , Saltdean , Telscombe and Peacehaven .

    It is our only road in or out , and it is foolish to add to this congestion with further traffic from new housing in this area .

    All the above location would benefit dramatically from any traffic ” reduction ” , particularly Rottingdean .