Deaths in Brighton & Hove Caused by Air Pollution

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Brighton & Hove City Council’s Air Quality Action Plan, October 2015, says:

The World Health Organisation declared that diesel fumes are carcinogenic and states outdoor air pollution caused 3.7 million premature deaths worldwide in 2012.

Public Health England has estimated whole population exposure to fine particulate matter across Brighton & Hove contributes 5% to 6% to all causes of annual mortality.

More recent research suggests that the impact of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) may also contribute close to 6% of mortality with a 33 % overlap with particles. In Brighton & Hove this is a strong influence on 175 deaths brought forward each year.

Rottingdean’s High Street already exceeds EU air pollution legal limits.

45 properties in the village are at risk of exceeding nitrogen dioxide levels according to the Air Quality Action Plan.

SAFE objects to any building on the St Aubyn’s school playing field because NO property developer can “mitigate” against that.


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