SAFE is working with Rottingdean Parish Council on the following objectives, to:

  • bird_1 Support the sympathtic development of the main St Aubyns school site
  • bird_2 Establish the St Aubyns school playing field as a Local Green Space
  • bird_3 Reduce traffic levels and traffic congestion in Rottingdean
  • bird_4 Reduce air pollution levels in Rottingdean (which breach UK & EU limits)

Please continue to help us save the Playing Field as it is now, for Rottingdean Village and for future generations.

Photos kindly provided by © Angela Jane Swinn

Rottingdean Parish Council have resolved to designate the Playing Field a ‘Local Green Space’. However Brighton & Hove City Council must adopt this into City Plan Part II in order to save the Field forever. SAFE is working hard on behalf of the residents and businesses of Rottingdean on the above aims and objectives.

However, we need the support of the local community to achieve these aims. You can help by joining as a SAFE Member (£20 individual membership, £30 per household). Members receive regular updates. We are raising funds so that we can pay for experts in planning, traffic congestion, pollution and ecology. Click here to Join.